Friday, June 11, 2010

Pre-Birthday Present for Bertus

The Saturday before Bertus's actualy birthday I decided to take him Scuba Diving for the first time. How excited was he...the walk to the train station was all smiles

At the train station - YUP - still smiling

We had to pick out our own gear and try it on...too many to choose from

Dive boat was based in Nice Port

Loaded all teh cylinders on board - Bertus STILL

Nerves were starting to kick in now and he starts asking all these questions...was so cute.

There are massive ferries that come into berth for a few hours to load cars and people to do a short crossing. Amazing to see how many cars they can get onboard such a large vessel

Dived in Ville Franche, beautiful there, sea life is thrife and such a big difference to SA

Gearing up...weety was still a big wet and cold..bbrrr

Ready to go - and boiling hot in his wetsuit...the instructor taking his time getting Bertus in the water. THE BOY IS EAGER DUDE...get it together.

Dive done and Nice diving Academy hand out a good old glass of Rose to warm you up a bit, put on some tunes and set sail back to the port. WHAT A DIVE

A pitaper - a little bit

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