Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Night Out in Juan Le Pins

Ok so the night started off in Antibes at The Hop Store
which is the "local" spot for all yachties to hang out after hours.
A friend of our just landed a job and got a whole bunch of us to come out and celebrate with him.

Bertus with the boys!

He was giving this Pomie a good run for his money - trying to teach him Afrikaans...

Waitress bringing yet another round...

Our room mate at the Crew House

Bertus going HOSSSSSSSS....

Ok babes - take a nice fotie now...

Moon shadow moon shadow...

Took me 15 min to get through the door...after a loong walk home and asking nearly everyone possible on the street how to get back to Antibes. Eventually Bertus and I made it, PHEW!

Poep oogies!


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