Friday, June 11, 2010

Loved Ones Re-United

Re-United after my charter and Bertus getting back from SA.
My Captain said it was fine to have Bertus on board for after charter celebrations.
It started with that Magnum Champers...oohh la la...

Some Cannes surroundings

Went to the local pub and asked them to make a Spring Bokkie shooter for us as there was a big game on but couldnt remeber against who. Nevertheless, they didnt know how to make it so they said I should show them, and I did.

Vwala...a Spring Bokkie...thank you kindly frenchman.

Who provided babes - who Provided, you want it - I got it.LOL

Then later on that evening we went to Nice where Bertus boat is berthed and ate at a restuarant on the port where a Spanish gentleman was playing his guitar for a small fee. We gave him 10 euros to stay at our table and play. How romatic it was.

After went back to the hotel I was staying in for the week, snuck bertus in and slept like a bomb for the first time in what felt like forever.

Happy as can be!

Bertus and I made a bet at Bia's place as to who was going to have the first 500 euro note...I won this one babes. Walking around with a R5000 note is great. LOL problem is there is only very few places that accept them. Where is the fun in that then huh...

Khalil and his girlfriend took me to this coffee shop....and I cant remember the name...dam.
Anyway what amazing little cakes they have...YUUUMMM...

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