Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bertus's First Charter

Bertus's first charter with the owners on board (BIG BOSS)
and they went through to Bonafisio Corsica for the weekend.

Entrance to the port - small canyan

His kitchen - cooking at 46 knots not an easy ordeal

Cooked the whole weekend on board for the boss, but never landed up eating onboard so the crew ate the good stuff...hhmmmm

Bertus's view from his kitchen window

Chief stew - Tess and her husband Engineer Brad - Blady Kiwis

What up peeps...

Owner went fishing on a tuna boat and didnt catch a thing, next I look there is a cooler with a 35kg tuna fish lying there for me to gut and make sushimi in 3 mins. AND I DELIVERED....Magic

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