Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ladies Sailing Regata

Took part in a 4 day ladies sailing regata from Villa Franche to St Tropez.
12 Boats took part - we did really well overall I think we were 8th.

Day 1 - 3rd
Day 2 - 5th
Day 3 - 8th
Day 4 - 11th - only because we werent given water (space on water) and were horribly cut off.
Almost hit a buoy and the other team mate was disqualified for it.

Amadour is the boat we sailed on - 20 odd meteres. WHAT A BEAUTI...

Bertus and I took a day off from dockwalking to help prep the ropes and masts.

Bertus - my little sailor...

It did get a bit confusing at times, took me 4 goes to get that rope tied up right.

Bertus in the bow getting the masts sorted...YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Villa Franche behind us


Putting on one of 3 uniforms

Funny how this picture came about...the water was still - we were'nt going anywhere and I fell asleep on deck in one of the mast bags because I was cold...looked like a hobo. Open my eyes and Patricia is there with her paparatzi camera 5cm from my face and SNAP...gotcha she said...and this is the outcome. LOVE IT!

Other uniform - not quiet sure about this one though...eeekk

The Captain - Tom

The team

A massive cruise liner in one of the ports

Check point...made it

Done for the day...

Old ballie gave me a ride back to Cannes from St Tropez...took 3 hours by water.

Yup still sailing to get back - a little more drunk and a little more merry


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