Friday, June 11, 2010

Oysters on Sunday at the Fresh Market

I arranged for Molly (Captain of Tinto II), Barry (Old time Skipper), Emily (Chief Stew on Cheeky Tiger) and a couple of locals to join Bertus and I for oysters at the Fresh Market in Antibes. 6 euros for 12 oysters fresh out of the sea. Some good rose and great friends, miff cheese and side finger bites, the day turned out really well...

Check them beauties out...hhmm

Got full on oysters then turned to the bread, bought some olives, cheese and the weirdest thing - pickled garlic, which doesnt leave the garlic after taste at all. Tasted great!

Molly renoun for pulling faces. The best mother and friend you'll ever want and need.
Great lady, big heart...we love you Molly.

See I dont even know what to call this - a fountain? - is it a fountain... I shall call it a fountain from the floor - Bertus posing in the fountain looking pretty with his umbrella he just scored from Cheeky Tiger crew.

Dinner snacks later on that evening...WHAT A GREAT DAY IT WAS INDEED!

OOOHHH dont let this little piece of cheese fool you - no sireeeee - thing little thing which looks like camembare (if that is how you spell it) tastes RANSID...vile, miff, cheese that I cannot even pronounce. Do not be fooled my friends....BAD CHEESE!

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