Friday, June 11, 2010

Cannes Film Festival

Right so its Monday - we had just gone to the Perfectuner who aparently could assist us with our visas, however due to the fact that we had a non-professional visa they sent us packing. Bertus then decided he needed to fly to SA pronto and get it sorted...well done babe.
But what you see in these photos is me upset about the visa and blown away that Bertus was actually going to fly home with nothing other than his passport, flight ticket and the clothes on his back. NOT EVEN A TOOTHBRUSH for goodness sake...could and still cant believe it. You make me proud babes....

Still not happy....LOL

Tuesday I started my charter on Avella which was 2 weeks for the Cannes Film Festival.
This is one of our day wear uniforms, not really pretty but practicle when it comes to making up cabins.

Khalil (Deckhand)the one closests and Giles (Chef) sitting in the crew mess taking a breather from the chaos. Giles is the one who managed to get me a job on his boat MY LULU V.
Great guy...thank you Giles

Evening wear uniform for the cocktail party.

Absolutely nakkered - Khalil caught me in this pic...cheeky bull hadnt kicked in yet.

Other day wear uniform when guests were on board, very comfortable shorts/skirt. There is a name for it but cant remember...

Early morning laundry run, hit my head in the bosun's locker - not impressed and had just finished muttering a few works to Khalil for leaving a mess in there, resulting in me hitting my head. Was like an obstacle course dude...

Captain Gary and Khalil in the crew mess eating food...think it was fish that day. Julietta the Chief Stew cant stand fish, the entire crew mess stank of it and she was pretty much sick for the rest of the day. Sorry chick - fish was good though

This is the boats Fly Bridge done up for the one of many cocktail parties.

We had 3 bars running on the boat, one in the salon, one on the aft deck and one on the fly bridge. This one is the fly bridge

Right seeing as we had 180 guests on board, there is only so much a 20 year old boat can handle 'toilet wise' thanks to many lady bits and entire rolls of tolet paper beng used at any one sitting, the bilge pump gave way, resulting in the port twin cabin flooding with bad smelling icky stuff...poop and much much more. Khalil and Julietta trying to sort the problem out while keeping it on teh down low from the guests. We stayed up till 3.30am trying to sort the issue out.
Thats what you call a shitty situation...literally.

We couldnt get enough ice so we hired 2 ice makers, which in all fairness was a pain to begin with but had we not had them babies we would'nt of survived.

Taking a sneaky breather away from the guests....just 5 more minutes swear

Oh so tired in this one....4 days of charter and only 6 hours of sleep...was on red bull and chocos as a staple diet. There literally was no time for anything else.

Wearing Avella unifrom proudly

I was manning the Salon Bar this particular evening where we hosted a cocktail party of 180 guests on a 37m boat. Guests on the boat left us 2 bottles of Magnum Champers...YES PLEASE

Julietta and the boat are one, she has been working on Avella for well over 3 years and probably knows more about the boat than Gary (current Captain). Awsom chick.

This my dear friends is what sleep deprivation does to ones sanity.
Thanks for an amazng experience, had I not got to temp work on your boat I would not have met Giles and would not currently have a job. Thanks a Mil.x

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