Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bertus on The Cheeky Tiger

Bertus was asked to go back and work on Cheeky Tiger for daywork...
for an undisclosed amount of time. He makes about 120 euros a day which in essence pays for
a whole weeks rent here. So by the end of the week he cleans a good 600 euros which for some people is a whole months salary back in SA.


On Thursday Bertus came home and said that he has signed me up for Yoga
with the Chief Stewardess on Cheeky Tiger. It was loads of fun..but DAM its painful.

This is the interior of the boat, we didnt manage to pictures of all the rooms.
However, after walking Bertus to work on Saturday the Chief Stewardess (Emily) invited me onboard for some coffee.

Standing in the Saloooooooooooon HAHA

About to leave the boat so Bertus can get to work...nice aft deck

The control room (Bridge)...oohh look at all the petty buttons.

The Salon again, very smart! Oh right - get this the boat has a cinema room.
I KNOW RIGHT....a cinema room. YES PLEASE!

First step to victory my babes...go show em and make me proud!

A cheeky smile for the cheeky tiger...ggrrr

I do believe he also got his first crew top that day as well.
Green polar with Cheeky Tiger branding...NICE

Also got given full access to the boat. Own remote and keys.
Work it baby work it LOL

Ceeky Tiger from the side

Done for the day and taking the garbage out.

The Alpes...perfect snow boarding weather.
We had wanted to go, but decided that once we saved up enogh, we can reward ourselves
and go up for the weekend instead of one day.

The Capitanaire - looks like a flying saucer

First BBQ

We all chipped in 5 euros for the BBQ.
There was a fruit punch on the house as well...DANGEROUS!

Bertus with his tongue in my ear for some liefie

Good old Frikkie (Martinus) from Pretoria and Robert
from Cape Town.

Nice BIG bottle of duty free voka in the background there

Bertus, Martinus and a Croacky (croatian..duno how to spell it)
She has since then landed a job.

The house guests at the tables waiting for FOOD!

The Captain Morgan pose...!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our New Crew House

We start that the very beginning...

(In a mess coz Im meant to be in bed sleeping - Sickly)
Bertus is at an interview for the boat below - HOLD THUMBS!!

One of our room mates

The owners wife cleaning the bathrooms

The balcony with the NEW dog of course

Another in-mate of The Crew House

The Owner - Doing his DIY - gave me day work
yesterday and comes off next weeks rent. Woo hoo

The Kitchen

The reception and cyber cafe


Monaco - Monta Carlo

Just some pictures of Monday, dockwalking

and sight seeing...

Nice port...