Friday, March 5, 2010

Shopping Experience

So it all started like this....

DAY 1:
We landed at Nice airport after flying for a total sum of 16 hours, exhausted.
Excites to have finally arrived we peeped out from the bridge only to see that it was cold and rainy outside. Having thought that the South of France was not as bad off as up North we were sadly mistaken.

Nevertheless, we caught a bus from the airport to Antibes which set us back 8 euros.
Once in Antibes we were offloaded at a bus stop about 10min walk from our crew house.

Now your thinking..."10minutes isnt a long walk" YEAH RIGHT.....
With nothing short of 2 huge bags, a ruck sack each and a laptop bag IN THE RAIN it was faaaarrrrr!!!

We luckily printed a map of where our accommodation was situated, (I would have laminated it had I known it was going to rain)We managed to communicate with a local via slow mouth movements and hand suggestions. Once pointed in the right direction we set off sloshing around in the streets of France. (Definately not from the Fashion Capital) Haha!!

After many attempts to make contact with the French locals for further assistance on how to get to our crew house, a polite lady who could see our desperation guided us right to the front door step. Map or no map - there is no way we would have found that place.

Home sweet home!!!

DAY 2:
Went to do shopping - what a hoot.
First we had to get lost, of course, what fun would it have been to just know our way around without a map. We looked like RIGHT TOURISTS - all we needed was a moon bag, cricket hat and sock up to our knees...perfect!

Anyway, we found the superette only to be politely escorted out the front door again and back in via the correct entrance. We had to be scanned through those detector thingies to make sure we werent carrying any if we look dodgy.

It took us 1 hour and 45 minutes to do exactly one small basket of shopping in a superette the size of our local spar. Bertus picked up a tin, looked at it and then spent 15 minutes deciding on whether what he was looking at was a can of tuna or not. After much debating we decided we were to go for the tin that had a picture of what looked like a tuna fish on it and hope for the best...we still have not opened it.

Then homeward we headed, ate our first decent meal which was the delicous asparagus soup that Bertus made. Dam it was good! Thanks babes :-)


Day 3:
Stayed in and worked on the computer the whole day...and I mean the whole day.
Have an interview tomorrow...Bertus for Deckhand and me for Stewardess. HOLD THUMBS!


  1. Good luck with your interviews,

  2. Hey Oriel Cookie, good luck!!!

    With loads of love, Nadia

  3. hiya!!!

    i am loving this blog more and more!!!
    just woke up with a strong coffee in my hand, and cant wait to read through your adventure!
    thank you son much for keeping us updated!!!


  4. Hi there you two, its great to hear that alls well. It was great talking to both of you, we are all holding thumbs at home that you get the job you are looking for.Miss you tons.