Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On his way to Italy - Speaking of which

Turkey - Bertus and I decided to cook the Grapevine Crew House a dinner where everyone chipped in some money and e had a feast. 3 chickens, roast potatoes, veggies, brie cheese sauce - blue cheese sauce, rice and the best Jus ever known to man. HHHMMM MMMM!!!

Dinner for 11 and the pooch gotdibs too!

Went to the pub while we waited for a few others to get back
home from work. Then went back to feast!

Starting from left: Brodie, Toni , Bertus, Myself, Allan, Terry, Sarah,
George, Paul and Robert. (John was still out doing daywork)

Cleaned up before we went back out to celebrate
George landing a job and our last night at the Grapevine.

Got some beer, and drank....

and smoked....

and drank some more!

Newbies to the Grapevine Crew House.

Pretty much the whole gang

Cheers George....The Good...

Bad Jager....The Bad...

The Ugly....BAH!!!

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