Saturday, March 13, 2010

Night out with the Crew House

At The Hop Shop and met a Frenchie

So your probably wondering why on
earth I have a wine spill and writing
on my t-shirt...well Ill tell ya.

It all started yesterday morning when Bertus received a call from a captain from the boat called Cheeky Tiger where he was asked to prepare lunch and dinner for 10 captains. So off he went for the entire day to Cannes and left me unsupervised, NO NANNY, no money, NO NOTHING!!

So I went to Cannes with some house mates and handed out Cv's and the daily work routine.
On returning back to Antibes my fellow crew mates asked whether we could go for a drink at The Hop Store. SURE NO PROBLEM...(this was round 4.30pm - just for the record!)

So there we sat Paul, Signe, Terry and myself. Shortly after our first pint, John pitche with HIS friend and ordered another round of beer. Then in celebration on hearing John landed job we popped a bottle of wine and yet another and another and no not another. We instead had a round of jager bombs and then MORE crew friends arrived. Then more and more. Then some left and some came. And some STAYED!

Then Sarah came down from the Crew house and mentioned my man was back from his hard days work and I ran back home and we skyped for a while. Then back down to the jolly ol pub again and continued our evening.

THEN we ordered MORE beer, MORE wine and ANOTHER round of jager bombs. I went to the bar and some clever novis had split his beer dow my back and it trickled all the way down my jeans. (LOVELY) and then on return to the table I spilt my wine on my top.

We also met the french guy in the process and Bertus wanted to know how to say 'I have a lover' as he realised he couldnt leave me ONE DAY unattended without making friends.
So on my top I have in french - "I have a lover" so that when I am to go out next time I have to wear it.

And thats the story of Bertus's first day of work...THE END!

The french dude on the right and Trisha's
boyfriend on the left.

Signe and I walking home

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