Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Country Side House

Molly took Bertus and I to the country side where her other French Villa house was. What a BEAUTIFUL home. Unfortunately our camera battery died from all the 'pre' picture on the way there and the back yard sstreams that by the time we got back to the house we were out of juice.

An old fort that is still standing after may years.

A little city on the top of a hill far far away where little french people com out to play.

We stopped at the care takers house to check in if everything was ok since Molly was last there.
Stunning view...


Bertus found a cave on the way to the stream

A cute little furry stream hole thingy that I found and look so lush

The start of the river on our way down. The water is so incredibly blue and clean as if it was water coming straight out of the taps.

Caught Molly in action rock jumping

Perched at the middle (peak) of the rapid.

Bertus's happy place

Funny story this little 'shack' aparently there is someone that roams the river side and has made this just one of his many little sleeping sites. Has a fire thingy going there and a lilttle af-dak for protection.

A little hollow between two rocks that lean against each other and on the other side the river storming behind us.

Thank Molly for bringing us to such a beautiful spot.

Right after we did the river and house scoping Molly took us
to a friend of hers in the country side not too far from her cottage. This particular couple had this HUGE - and I mean HUGE dog. You know like Pluto the dog in the cartoons,well its the same dog just HUUUGGEEE!!
If we put a pony next to this dog, the dog is bigger...INSANE!
Nice dog - has a gentle nature.
Most people have animals that live for their owners, these people live for their dogs.
They breed staffies and each one of them are special in their own way.
We landed up having dinner at their house and we were sent packing with a bucket of curry for the week to come...FOOODDDD!!!
That was a good good day!

Polishing all the trophies their dogs won that day at the competition.


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